About Us

Maori Wardens Australia
ARBN 615 990 264

Maori Wardens Australia is a voluntary service and our members can be seen at a number of community events, providing a number of services to the public.

Maori wardens have been around since 1860 and have a proud tradition. Throughout Aotearoa there are currently over 1000 wardens working in their communities. Maori Wardens Australia have branches in Queensland, Victoria and NSW.

Our Vision

  •  To follow the kaupapa of being a Maori Warden
  • To follow the teaching of our Tupuna
  • To be out among the people of all walks of life
  • To make ourselves available to young and old
  • To provide a service for events
  • To help with the kaupapa and protocols of being Maori
  • To liase with local Hapu, Iwi and Runanga

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    • Arohamai Sandra, I have just seen this. Are your sons still in jail? There is a slim chance of them not being deported. If they got three months jail, deportation is next. You need to get good character references from their employers, if any, anyone they have associated with in society, a minister, any of the Maori Wardens they know, etc.

  1. hi was wondering if u knew of anyone who might teach me n my sons to speak maori . we live in the mt druitt area. thank you

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